Correctly designed lighting can save you money on future energy bills.

Installing a water softener will prevent limescale building up on your heating system, helping to keep your heating system efficient.

Extractor fans can help prevent heat loss through open windows.

New well insulated and high efficiency cylinders will store your hot water for longer without needing re-heating.



Energy Saving

Energy saving and conservation are now important factors to consider when carrying out any work to your property. Building Regulations now require some refurbishment works to be carried out to comply with the regulations.

Many kitchen and bathroom installers are still carrying out their work ignoring or oblivious to these regulations. You can be sure we will advise the most energy efficient options to you, we have undertaken energy saving and assessment training and hold the Domestic Energy Assessor Qualification.

LED or low energy lighting is one way of complying with the regulations.

Until recently many people would install halogen downlights in their kitchen or bathroom. Just four halogen downlghts will burn 200 watts every hour however, four of our new LED downlights we typically install will burn less than 30 watts per hour (saving you 85% of the energy every hour).

With energy bills constantly rising these considerations are also important to minimise your future energy bills!

Our water softeners will also ensure you save energy. Our local area suffers from some of the hardest water in the country, this can clearly be seen by the build up of limescale on taps, showers and in your kettle.

After a few years of hard water the heating element of a hot water cylinder will be 25% less efficient. This makes the boiler or electrical element work much harder wasting a huge amount of fuel. By having a water softener you can also typically reduce your detergent use by more than 50% and receive better cleaning results.

Please see further details on the Water Softener Page.